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The Trust

St Mary's Music Foundation was established in 2007 to support and promote musical excellence at St Mary's Kangaroo Point.  The trust is governed by three trustees.

The Trust is listed on the Australian Government's Register of Cultural Organisations which is maintained under the provisions of the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

A Gift Fund has been established by the Trust.  Donations of $2 or more to the Gift Fund enjoy Deductible Gift status under the Act.  To be tax deductible, donations must be given unconditionally.

A General Fund (Music at St Mary's account) has been established to receive contributions not enjoying tax deductible status - such as conditional gifts, sponsorships, proceeds of events.

The Goals of the Trust

  • To enhance the cultural and artistic life of St Mary's
  • To foster the development of choral singing and organ performance for the benefit of the congregation, the church and the wider community.
  • To enable educational endeavours such as musical workshops and courses which benefit the wider community
  • To provide musical training for members of the St Mary's choir, including choral and organ scholarships
  • To build and maintain St Mary's music library
  • To foster the art of musical composition through the commissioning of new music
  • To purchase and maintain musical instruments required by St Mary's
  • To administer, present and promote the Music at St Mary's concert programme
  • To broaden the knowledge and appreciation of music at St Mary's and in the wider community

Major Projects

  • Build a substantial CAPITAL FUND that will secure the future of St Mary's music programme.
  • Realise St Mary's ORGAN PROJECT, which seeks to conserve what remains of St Mary's historic 1823 Lincoln organ within a substantial NEW PIPE ORGAN.
  • develop a substantial programme of organ and choral scholarships.

Supporting the Trust

Donations (of $2 or more) can be made to:
St Mary's Music Foundation Fund    
PO Box 7050, East Brisbane, 4169

Trust Secretary:  Trevor Barrell (07-3870 8364)


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