Clergy at the Parish

Nineteen Rectors have guided the parish since its inception.

Clergy in Charge
James R Moffatt 1860-1870
David A Court 1871-1888
Herbert Heath 1888-1891
Charles Codling 1892-1898
Charles W Baron 1899-1903
W Maitland Woods 1903-1912
J Harry Gradwell 1912-1922
John T Perry 1922-1935
John C N Osborn 1935-1945
Alexander C C Stevenson 1946-1951
W Brian Ward 1951-1957
R Athelstane Foote 1957-1978
Peter W Alan 1978-1983
Ross R Burnett 1984-1993
John R Warner 1993-1999
Robert W Nolan 1999-2003
Stephen H Redhead 2003-2011
Bruce Henzell (locum) 2011-2012
Gary Harch 

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